Start a Poet Populist program!

"Poet Populist" is a registered trademark of Luna Park LLC, for the purpose of promoting articulate leadership and active citizenry in municipalities across the nation.

We welcome you to start a Poet Populist program in your own city. Here's how:

You will need to have some local organizers who can generate nominations, promote the election, and manage the process, including production of any live events.

If you want to call it a "Poet Populist" election, we can give you a license to do so: it's currently free; simply fill out the application below. We can also provide you with the free, step-by-step manual "10 steps to starting a Poet Populist election," as well as a free curriculum to use in your local schools (it complies to national education standards).

Sanctioning your election as "Poet Populist" will help you earn local sponsorship and underwriting to fund your program. It will also allow you to link your program to the Poet Populist website.

If you like we can also host your election online on this site (, provide you with promotional artwork, and provide other support. Please fill out the form below and let us know what you have in mind!

interested citizen arts administrator city official

A license from Luna Park to start my program
Someone in my city to help me run the program
Website and election infrastructure to host my program online
I’m just looking for information; please see my comments below